Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving in Florida

We had a great time in Florida visiting my Dad. My fingers aren't the only fingers Rhett is wrapped around. It is a little hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving when it is in the 80's outside, but we are very thankful to have a beautiful place to visit family when it is freezing in Portland. Here is Rhett and Gramps at the Naples Zoo looking at some monkeys. Not only are there aligators on the side of the road in Florida, but they were also at the Zoo.
My favorite story of our trip was when we were getting off the plane to go see my Dad. When Rhett spotted his Gramps he started running only to run past him to a larger than life plaster of Mickey Mouse. Although we all know that his eyes first lit up at the sight of Gramps.
We spent a lot of time at the park, becuase I knew when we got home I wouldn't be taking Rhett to a park until it was at least in the 60's outside.

Rhett loved the "big sandbox" and water at the beach. There is nothing like a hot day at the beach in November. We had a wonderful trip and as always, it was very hard to leave.

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riggity said...

the "yahoo serious" shot is great.