Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Best Things About A Snowy Day

A cute little boy in snow clothes.
A day off of work to play in the snow!

Little boy rain boots.
Making a snowman with a cowboy hat.
Building the first fort ever after the snow.


sarah said...

is all that snow in front of your house? that's crazy. we only reaaly got ice here. we miss you guys. let's hang out this weekend!!

riggity said...

A. Forts are awesome.

B. I can't wait til our kid is old enough to build forts.

dad-gramps said...

I know what I'm doing now. . . !!! Thanks. Looked like lots of fun. That was a great snow. I remember snows like that with you guys when we first move to Oregon. Rhett's lastest camera close up expressions are great, first hair cut and snow outfit for example. I bet he had a blast in the snow. I'm sure you took him into the house with him saying MORE SNOW. Looked like a good day for the wood burning stove. I miss that stuff and miss you guys. Love ME