Friday, May 4, 2007

Just a Few Pictures

Here is Rhett with his new favorite thing...his elephant watering can. He loves to water the flowers I planted.
We went for a nice hike at Tryon Creek last weekend. Rhett loves to be outside.
Rhett revisited the beaver in the visiters center. He is making a beaver face here.

Here we are on our hike. This is still the face Rhett makes when we ask him to smile.

Rhett is eating his favorite appetizer...edamames. He sat here for about 45 minutes popping the salty goodness into his mouth.

Here is our awesome new garage organizer. Rhett even has a special place to hang his elephant watering can. He loves to take it down and put it away when he is done. Now if only I can get him excited to put away all of his other toys...


dad-gramps said...

Pictures are great once again. Rhett's "beaver" face is not much different from his photo smile or his watering face. Love to see all your family fun. Keep it coming and maybe I can keep the comments coming. I had to re-sign up to get this to go through. Can't wait to get there in person to be a part of all the fun. . . Have a Happy Mother's Day! Talk to you soon. Love Dad

sarah said...

1) we had SO much fun with you guys over the weekend. I'm sensing more dual-family vacations in the future.

2) How old is Rhett in that first beaver photo? I forgot what a chubby baby he was! He's so so cute! :)