Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our YouTube Debut

Rhett and I enjoy surfing YouTube for interesting or funny videos to watch. Sometimes we watch funny commercials (like the Skittles Singing Bunny), and other times it's an entertaining music video. Rhett never seems to tire of watching Captain Bogg and Salty videos! Anyhow, earlier today we were searching for a Sassparilla Jug Band video to watch. They are a great Portland bluegrass band that plays around town. Autumn, Rhett and I first saw them at Last Thursday in April playing in an alley, and we really liked them. So, today on YouTube we found 4 or 5 Sassparilla videos to watch. One of them was filmed on Alberta St. during Last Thursday in April. By now you've probably guessed where I'm heading with this story. We're in the video! It's so random, considering we were only watching them for about 15-20 minutes. And you only see us for a few seconds when the camera pans to the left (no, I'm not the guy juggling). We just thought it was a crazy coincidence, considering how often this band plays around town. It's also nuts that we stumbled upon the video. For all of those who doubted our true love for Sassparilla, here's proof:

Rock On Sassparilla!


sarah said...

it's official. you guys are famous.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's neat. Was that in your neighborhood? I thought I regonized the street. Love Dad