Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fingerprints, Hot Dogs, and Leaves

We had fun at the corn maze with Dan's work. Rhett got to see some of his friends and we roasted hot dogs for the first time over an open flame. We only got a little muddy. We learned that this pumpkin patch actually hoses down the path to make it extra muddy for the whole corn maze experience. As it got dark we could hear the peaceful sounds of a chainsaw and screams coming from the haunted corn maze.
Is it just me or is this kid getting cuter by the day? I figured out how to get a "normal" smile. I told him to give me a skeleton smile and this was what I got.
Rhett had fun today raking leaves in the front yard.
On Friday we got our first set of fingerprints done. We are getting along with the home study paperwork. We hope to be done with the paperwork in a couple of weeks. I would love for our Dossier to be in Ethiopia by Christmas, but I'm not sure that is too realistic. We are working hard though. We just want to bring that baby home!


Keith, Jenny, & Oliver said...

I was just admiring that fine pile of leaves in front of your house a couple days ago. And I was wondering how old a boy has to be before I can put him to work. -Keith

Anonymous said...

That's my grandson!! Looks like he did a fine job on the leaves. So cool to see the Autumn leaves. That kid does have one awesome smile. Did you tell him to not look at the camera? So much fun this time of year in Oregon. Love you guys. . . Dad-Gramps