Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Halloween Time

Some of you reading this like to tease me about my Halloween obsession. You know who you are. I love Halloween decorations and the fun Halloween time activities. But all of this wouldn't me nearly as fun without Rhett! I'm realizing just how much I love the Fall!
Here is a Halloween costume preview brought to you by Nate and Chris. Thanks for the awesome boots and "Blue" the elephant!
We made Halloween birthday cupcakes for Mimi.
Pumpkin patch! We went this morning and had a great time with our friends Talia and Elliot! Rhett has been talking about the pumpkin patch ever since our berry picking hay ride triggered a memory. "Remember the yucky pumpkins"? We were surprised he remembered from last year!
Rhett found this pumpkin all by himself. He wasn't sure about carrying the "dirty" pumpkin, but we were able to get a quick picture of the buddies.
Elliot and Rhett worked really hard pulling the pumpkins.
Rhett rode on his very first pony. This will be something that he will look forward to for next year! The look on his face was worth the $5 for the short ride.
We are heading out to Florida for ten days! Good bye October in Oregon and hello to the Summer we never had! Sorry to the Oregonians, but I hope the weather gets really yucky here while we are gone!

We have checked off a couple of things off our homestudy list and plan on doing a ton in Florida! Everything we do brings us a little closer to our baby!


sarah said...

The pumpkin patch looks like so much fun! Hopefully Rhett didn't have another "yucky pumpkin" run in.
I hope you have a great time in Florida and that it's nice and sunny for you!

Anonymous said...

Nice to look at your blog with you here with us. . . Some more Oregon fun times. Warm you wanted and hot you got so far. Great swimming, playing at the park, waterpark and oh yea! FUN BEACH SUNSET TIMES. Thanks for COMING TO SUNNY FLORIDA. LOVE DAD-GRAMPS

laura said...

Love the pumpkin patch pictures, what a pair of cuties !!