Thursday, January 31, 2008

Community Center Fun

Going to the community center is a weekly outing (if not 2 or 3 times a week) for us. So, I thought, why not post about it. I brought my camera today and took some cute pictures of our almost 3-year-old and his new haircut. On Thursdays we first go to our class, then we go to the indoor play park, then we go to the art room. Rhett loves it! How about that tongue? You know Rhett is concentrating when that tongue goes out.
Riding a scooter is very serious business for Rhett.
After the play park we go to the drop-in art room. Rhett loves it! The painting is his favorite. Not to be overshadowed by the flubber.
The face of a true artist...


LISA said...

Ahh,cute!He'a concentrating! :P

sarah said...

he TOTALLY looks like you in that last one.
we're excited to see you guys on saturday!

Heidi and Chris Guettler said...

Hey Autumn and Dan!! I loved your Christmas card and checked out your blog. I am so thrilled that you are adopting a sibling for Rhett! I am sure you both are great parents. We think of you often and it was great to "catch up" with you via your blog. We are great. Jackson is in 3rd grade, Ella in 1st and Henry will be in Kindergarten next year! I am no longer working outside the, it has been great hanging with the kiddos. We didn't send out a Christmas card this year -- so, in case you wondering...we did not forget about you guys. I wish you well in the whole adoption process. How exciting!


Dad-Gramps said...

Rhett has been "hangin" at the CC for a long time. You are so great about keeping him so active and varied in all his activities. You really are giving that little tongue of his a workout. Love to ALL