Sunday, February 3, 2008

It Was a Party at Mississippi Pizza!

We invited family and a couple friends to join us at Mississippi Pizza for a little birthday celebration for Rhett. It was fun, a little crazy, a little hot, and Mama was a little claustrophobic, but Rhett had fun and that is all that matters! We love Professor Banjo. He is a teacher and plays kids music around town. He is also coming out with a cd this Spring. He is a great performer and soooooooo patient with all the kiddos.
Here are the cupcakes Rhett and I made for the party. They looked a lot cuter than they tasted!
Here is Rhett dancing along to Professor Banjo.
Here is a picture of the party! No, we don't have 500 friends, but it felt like that was how many people were there! Good thing we came really early to stake out our territory. Notice the banner?
Rhett had so much fun playing and dancing with his best friends Jacque and Elliot! We can't wait for "baby" Elliot and Miles to dance with Rhett!
We got lots of grins from this guy! Elliot is not shy of the camera!
Rhett is testing out Professor Banjo's spoons.
Maybe it was a sugar low from the cupcakes, or the really hot room, but I think it was just a case of the "birthday boy" that got Rhett all tuckered out. You parents know what I mean. It is hard work to be the birthday boy.
Thank you Professor Banjo for a great third birthday party!!!!


Stacie said...

How fun! You certainly know how to throw a good party - he looks like he had a great time! And, that sleepy face is a sure sign of it. :) Cute boy!
And, I love the little cupcake dots - too cute!

sarah said...

happy birthday rhett! thank you for being such a good friend to elliot!

autumn, i hope you don't mind, i stole a cupcake picture to put on my blog. :)

Dad-Gramps said...

Looked like a great Birthday Celebration. Wish we were there!! We are going to have to see Professor Banjo when we are in town. The cup cakes looked like they were sprinkled by "the best"! Love Dad-Gramps