Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One Last Picture of the Birthday Boy!

After dinner last night we too Rhett to Pix Patisserie for birthday dessert. Rhett really wanted ice cream and I'm pretty sure he will be talking about the sparkler in his ice cream for years to come! Dan and I got the dessert called The Queen of Sheba...this just happens to be our favorite thing on the menu! Delicious, melty chocolate, and almond...yum!
I also wanted to share...Ralph has a new friend from Ethiopia!
This baby doll has been adopted by a wonderful family...The Soucys. They are waiting for their referral for a little boy


Chris & Jess said...
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Chris & Jess said...

That's SO adorable! Baby Soucy is going to LOVE that doll!

Jennifer and Jody said...

Adorable!!! We may have to commission you for your talented work as well!

Stacie said...

That is adorable! Are you going to put those on your Etsy store? It is so cute!

dad-gramps said...

Cute. . . you know how "Cabbage Kids" turned into a craze. You could have something there!! Birthday dessert looked like the 4th of July. Great celebrations for Rhett's 3rd Birthday. Hard to believe the changes since October. Starting school is right around the corner. Love to you ALL!!! :)!!