Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Preschool Already?

Rhett is very ready for preschool.
Rhett got in to Mt. Tabor Preschool. Yay! It is a little bit of a drive (about 15min), but the school is great. Our first choice so far is probably Lee Owen Stone, but Mt. Tabor was great! Ummm...these have been the only two we have looked at, so chances are we will like the next two just as much.


Browntown said...

I'm glad he got in to Mt. Tabor, though I hope he gets in to Tillamook as well. I'll be at the open house at 11:15. The teacher will give a little blurb at 11:30. See you guys soon. Make sure to bring Rhett.

dad-gramps said...

They do grow up fast. . . One of mine is THIRTY now!! He looks happy there. Love to all.