Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunny Weekend in Portland

When the weather is nice in Portland (about 48 degrees at the park) we all go out to play. We visited with many neighbors this weekend that we haven't seen for months! Us Portlanders tend to hibernate during the winter.
We went to Washington Park to play, hike, and lunch.
We had another craft night last week. There were 10 moms. One knitting hostess, one very pregnant knitter, two pattern cutters, one creator of Eggpress (!), another knitter, one quilting square counter, a rug hooker, a neighborhood society latecomer, and me the letter cutter. It was so much fun! I can't wait for the next craft night!


dad-gramps said...

The craft circle sounds great. It does sound like fun. I guess we shouldn't complain about the weather here. We have had NO WINTER here in Florida. . . Sunny and forty something still sounds cold to me. I've been away from that weather too long. Although this year sounds like it has been a tough winter for you guys. It's count down for you this week "young girl". . . Wish I was there for a birthday hug. Love DAD

ninaandtom said...

Sounds so fun. And Eggpress! Wow! We love what they do.

LISA said...

Rhett's cheeks look cold.I'm a wimp!