Thursday, February 14, 2008

We Love Each Other Everyday

We love a good Hallmark holiday! This year we made Valentine's cookies to share!
Rhett was in charge of the sprinkles again.
For a Valentine's gift for each other we finally ordered our 2007 photo book from Snapfish. I put this book together all of last year. It is filled with my favorite family pictures and favorite times of 2007. It turned out really great. I don't think I would 100% recommend Snapfish though...the pictures are a little bit blurry. But we still love it! I have decided to do this for every year instead of printing up all of the pictures. I'm no scrap booker, so I love this idea.
Here is one of my favorite pages out of the book.
Last night Rhett presented me with this lovely "Valentime." I love the huge spiral that covers the whole page.


Chris & Jess said...

Happy V-Day day! I love the photo book idea! I will SO have to do that this year!

kathy said...

Thanks for the valentine cookies, Autumn! Those are seriously about the best cookies ever!! yum yum They were the perfect valentine dinner dessert.

kathy said...

Thanks for the cookies, Autumn! They are seriously about the best cookies i've ever had...yum yum. They were the perfect valentines dessert.

Stacie said...

We just finished a photo book of our trip to Ethiopia - I'm hoping to get it next week. It was not easy to do, but I'm sure it will be worth it. I'm also thinking of doing one in August to document our first year with Micah. I love photo books! :)

Such a cutie valentime from Rhett!

tina said...

hi autumn! i love the idea of doing a book every year. soo cute!

we used our birthday banner for the first time! everyone loved it! i didn't want to take it down. thanks!!

dad-gramps said...

Can't wait to see the photo album. Sound like a great idea. You do have some great shots, not enough of you. Rhett is really getting the sprinkles down. What fun for you guys. Look like a great Valentines Day. Love to You.

Annie said...

My friend did a great photobook for me at Kodak Easyshare...don't know if that helps you for next time. I look forward to starting to order these books now that I know about them. Glad you had a wonderful family time.