Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh, No! The Candy Disappeared!

We carried on a few traditions of Easter. First we went to Jim and Patty's before the big Easter egg hunt. This time we went with our good friends the Browns. We looooooooove Jim and Patty's. They have the best coffee cake in town and some of the best coffee. Jim and Patty created the now defunct Coffee People. Thanks a lot Starbucks! Booooooooooooooooooo!
Elliot and Rhett were really not this still and serious for long. Especially Rhett...that child doesn't sit still for 2 seconds!
Here are the dads waiting for the big egg hunt. There were hundreds of people! It was so fun to see all of our neighborhood friends, crafty moms, and all their cute kids. I'm pretty sure little Dot with her bunny ears and Easter dress was the cutest!
Rhett in action. Rhett looking to see if the egg is a special prize egg. The smiley face eggs won you a prize.
Rhett asking where the eggs are.
Rhett finding out the Easter egg hunt is done.
The Easter Bunny came at 10:30 at night. Those little creatures are Glo Bonz. Rhett's favorite thing from the Easter Bunny were the Easter tattoos. I hope that is not a sign of things to come.
We went to Salem for a little Easter pizza. Here is Rhett having fun with Grandpa.
Easter dinner was at our house. We had a rousing game if Hullabaloo. Here are Rhett and Dan doing the "funky monkey dance."
Rhett and I made our little chocolate nests again.
So, do you think it will work to tell Rhett that the candy has disappeared? Maybe I'll tell him the Easter Bunny wanted it for next Easter, snuck into our house, and put it all in his magic Easter basket. Hey, we already lie to our kids about the Easter bunny, so what's wrong with one more?


LISA said...

Funky monkey dance,eh
Sounds like a fun Easter! Rhett looks so little in the Easter egg hunt pics.

dad-gramps said...

Hmmmmmn. . . Seems like the none stop action seems to run in the family. Looks like an action packed Easter. That darn Easter bunny and the candy caper. Wish we were there. . . But will be soon. We are so excited. Love to all with big hugs later. See ya!!!

Ted and Lori said...

Jim and Patty's?! Seriously?! We live three and a half blocks from there and walk there ALL THE TIME. We've probably seen each other. Want to meet for coffee and some "naughty supermodel" coffeecake?