Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beach Weekend

Busy season is over and we took our second annual trip to the coast to celebrate. We went to Newport. The first thing we did when we got there was go fly our new pirate kite. Rhett picked it out and was really excited to fly it. Too bad it was freezing and we could only stay out for a tiny bit. Oh, well we have tons of good memories of our trip. Rhett's favorite...touching the creatures at the aquarium and swimming with Daddy. Mom's favorites...watching Dan and Rhett play in the pool while she sat in the hot tub, hanging out in the shark tunnel with Rhett and Dan, and working on the puzzle with Dan. Daddy's favorites...Rogue brewery and relaxing with the family.
Sure, we made Rhett sleep on the floor, but look how excited he is! Just like camping out!
We went to the aquarium and the shark tunnel was the greatest! So exciting.
Sharks swim under you too! So cool!
I'm so proud that Rhett was so excited to touch all the creatures. It was his favorite part of the trip to the aquarium.
Rhett asked if we were eating at the "rock star" restaurant for dinner. We went to Rogue brewery for dinner.
We had to walk through the vats of beer to get to the restaurant.
Here is Dan enjoying his goblet of beer.
It was a good trip!


sarah said...

I'm glad you guys had a fun weekend! The pictures are great - I especially like the one of you flying the kite.

The Newport Aquarium looks so cool! We should plan a future trip together.

Ted and Lori said...

Awesome pictures. I love aquariums. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

LISA said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Chloe & Lillian said...

Oh the fun and interesting memories of the Rogue Brewery...I was just wearing my Rogue sweatshirt yesterday that I received as a gift many moons ago after our waitress spilled beer cheese soup onto my lap and in my purse (stinky!) The food that made it into my mouth was tasty though...

dad-gramps said...

What a nice trip. I loved the pirate kite. Wish I was there to fly it with you all. I have never been to The Newport Aqaurium, not to mention the Roque Brewery. . . Have to stop I'm so jealous. Love to all.