Friday, May 9, 2008

The Ladies

We had our first felt food exchange with my craft ladies this week. It was so fun to be the recipient of such cute felt food for Rhett! I made the deep fried goodness...donuts.

Look at all the other cute food! Thanks ladies!
Rhett calls my craft friends "the ladies."

I know I said I wanted summer to come, but I want winter to come soon also, so Rhett can wear this cute jacket I made before he grows out of it!

Pray for some referrals to start coming in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ted and Lori said...

I love seeing how the food turned out. How cute. And I've never thought of myself as "crafty" but I'd be so willing to jump into that pool if it meant I ended up with such cool toys. I'm always willing to learn. Ever accept new members into that club?

Christi said...

I love that food!! That is the coolest exchange idea ever.

LISA said...

Yummy donuts!!! So cute!

Alexander-Talia said...

Rhett's hoody is too cute, Autumn. I want to see it in person.

Wendy Vaughn said...

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am going to celebrate the special Mother's in our family and treasure every moment with all the blessings that came with Motherhood. (i.e. Autumn, Aris, Dan, Rhett.....)

Luv, Mom/Nana

angie said...

so cute!! my girls have a little kitchen with all the wooden food...but they would love this handmade stuff!! you should sell that on etsy too!

how fun...thanks for sharing :)

dad-gramps said...

Nice face Rhett!! Getting ready for the next at "the dinner table goofy face contest". . . ? Great to see the creations of some of that fabric purchased while we were in town. Your talents are endless. Hope your Mother's Day was relaxing. . . Hard to believe you could JUST RELAX!! Love You ALL!!

ruby and wade's house said...

i love the hoodie, i want to see it in person! also, i need to see the completed kitchen make over too. it looks like it turned out really cute.
hooray for felt food!!! thanks for making the cute donuts.