Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Passports and Referrals

Rhett got his passport in the mail today. Look at how cute his picture is! He looks so much younger. We got it taken in the beginning of the year. Ok "baby sister", your big brother is all ready to come get you!
There has been several referrals this week! Very exciting for all the families. To celebrate the referrals I finally started "baby sister's" quilt. Here is the center square.
I must say, if I'm this excited about all the new referrals other families are getting, just imagine my excitement when it is our turn! The clock is ticking and the wait has gone by very quick so far. I better keep working on her quilt!


LISA said...

Rhetts' passport pic is adorable!!!
He looks like he's ready to go!
I think i should have started a quilt!(no idea HOW,just might help my wait time)

dad-gramps said...

Rhett's passport photo is perfect, what a proud joy for him to go and help you pickup his little sister. . . Too much for words. Everything is in place. . . Even the child for you. The excitement will be worth the wait. These moments will continue to be guided through. Love to ALL