Monday, June 16, 2008

Again With The Weekly Weekend Post...

We had our first visit to Krueger Farm for the berry festival! We had so much fun with our friends, picking berries, eating berries, picnicking, eating berries, and watching some fun music. Rhett was very proud of every red berry he found. Notice the empty pail? Well there are two reasons for that...Rhett eating them faster than he could pick them and there was not an overload of red berries, but a ton of green. Dang global warming!
Farmer Krueger has a reputation with us...and now he has a megaphone!
Here we are on our first hayride of the year.
We love our friend Elliot! Rhett can't keep his paws off the strawberries.
This was the best artichoke ever! It was almost the size of Rhett's head!
By the time the band started Rhett was too tired to dance. It was a great first visit to the farm.
We had a nice Father's Day. A little yard work, barbecue with family, and Rhett's first Slip 'N' Slide experience. He needed a little shove from Daddy.
Please pray for some referrals to start coming in.


Keith, Jenny, & Oliver said...

Hi Neighbors! So that first picture with Rhett on his dad's back - is that a UFO in the background? If so, prepare for international fame and notoriety. -Keith

Ted and Lori said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Some friends are coming to visit us next week and I was thinking of taking them berry picking. Want to come along?

dad-gramps said...

If I had a farm I most likely would be just like Mr Krueger. . . Once again great fun for the family. I liked Rhett on the slip & slide. Take care, Love Dad

Christi said...

You guys make me miss Portland - I love how you take full advantage of all the cool stuff.

lori lls said...

Fresh food and music on a sunny day with your family - livin' the good life!

I'd agree that it appears you picked up a UFO in the first picture. Some people get all the lucky breaks.