Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crap! Rhett Had a Great Day Yesterday!

Rhett didn't take a nap yesterday and he was a joy to be around all day. He even had a quiet time in his room long enough for me to watch an episode of Twin Peaks (obsessed) and do some letter cutting. He has NEVER played quietly in his room! He chose a little Wilco to listen to on his CD player, played with his marbles, and read books to his friends (Mickey, Minnie, and Osmond the Owl). Sure, I didn't get enough of my work done, but things are changing, so I'll have to change with it. I have gotten used to my 2-4 hour naps!
Rhett started swim lessons this week. He loves it! He is always the first to volunteer and get his face wet. He loves to practice his holding his breath skills and go under the water. At Kennedy School he tells me, "Mommy let me sink to the bottom, I can swim". So, I figured it was time for lessons. I'm so proud of Rhett. He is always ready to try something new, but he knows his boundaries and limitations. He would never let go of me to sink to the bottom.


riggity said...

Isn't Bob the absolute scariest thing in all history? I know the answer. He is.

dad-gramps said...

We heard all about the swimming on the phone the other day from Rhett. Great to see the pictures of all that fun. We need to see a picture in his goggles. We love you guys!