Friday, July 25, 2008

Mostly Likely To Be A Class Clown

I had a proud moment yesterday. When Dan got in the car to go to Krueger's he said, "My eyes are looking a little red today." Rhett said, "That's ok Daddy, everyone is different." This is something we say almost daily in response to some if his "whys" about some of the people he sees. Everyone is different, and Rhett notices these differences and respects the differences in the world. I'm proud of my boy. Sure, he thought Dan's eyes were literally bright red, but I think he gets the idea.

What is going on in the referral world? NO, really, I want to know. There have been no referrals for about three weeks. My August estimate is turning into September. Knowing that it is going to of these days...makes the wait doable though.


sarah said...

those are the best pictures i've seen in a long time! what a cute kid!

let's hang out soon! i miss you guys.

LISA said...

It's funny how the top of his nose wrinkles!!
And,Ya, where are all the referrals?? I am ready to hear people screaming!!(clear your throat and get ready!)

dad-gramps said...

Your referral will come. . . hang in there and count those blessing now!! ( Like your NEW FIND!! )

Yes we are all different, just make sure Rhett understands the "wrinkling" part of the "older generation" . . .

You have already, but now I have to acknowledge you have well surpassed me in the child photograph department. I think you should turn these shots into into "picture of the day". . . They brought a huge smile to my face!

Love you guys!!