Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Anniversary A Birthday And A Trip To The Zoo

Rhett and I went on a little trip to the Zoo with my Mom today to celebrate her birthday.
I never take pictures of the animals at the Zoo, and honestly, I usually make fun of the people who only take pictures of the animals (sorry, to all you taking the animal pictures). But today there were two great sites. First, this cougar was eating a carcass...a calf. It was so awesome. I could have watched it eat, lick, and bury this carcass for hours, but my mom couldn't look at it and I wasn't sure I was ready to introduce this act of nature to Rhett. He still thinks there are chickens & "eating chickens" and fish & "eating fish."
The second great site was the baby elephant with his Mama.

Here we are with the birthday girl...my Mom.
Then we met Daddy at The Portland City Grill with my Mom for a anniversary/birthday lunch.
Today marks the 8th year of marriage with the best husband and Daddy ever!
Happy Anniversary Dan!


angie said...

oh, i make fun of those people too!! we went to our zoo last week and got to see a mama lion, the daddy, and 3 little cubs...it was just too cute!! i refused to get out my camera and be one of "those people", but now i wish i would have :)

Ted and Lori said...

Happy anniversary you guys :) I've been wanting to go see the baby elephant too...gotta get there.

ruby and wade's house said...

congrats guys! 8 years is a long time.
can't wait to see that baby elephant too.

dad-gramps said...

HAPPY 8th ANNIVERSARY! Sorry about adding the extra year yesterday!

I don't remember you making fun of me taking pictures of the animals at the zoo (yes folks I'm one of those people!). Anyway we have to talk about your fasination on the cougar eating his meal. I have a few ideas on analizing this fixation. . . Do you want to talk about it? Talk to you soon. LOVE DAD

P.S. I want to see the baby elephant (walk) too.