Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rhett and My Little Bear Obsession...*Edited*

Little Bear has been a favorite of ours for a good year and a half. There was a time that the first words out of Rhett's mouth after he woke up were..."Little Bear?" This was before he was 2 and he still slept in our bed. I didn't have to encourage this love for Little Bear too much, Rhett just has good taste. I'm not going to lie...there has been a horrid Mickey Mouse video that was obsessed over, but thankfully that obsession has ended, and Little Bear still remains. Now that it is Halloween time we have been loving these videos.
I particularly love the ghost raccoon jug band.

This Little Bear episode may be the most charming one...I love it.

*When Rhett was going through his slightly naughty phase to other kids I would ask him, "Rhett, what would Little Bear do? Would Little Bear hit his friend owl?" He took that very seriously until another kid got in his "personal space."

WWLBD...What Would Little Bear Do?


angie said...

we *LOVE* little bear at our house too...quite the obsession!! i am SO glad they love it and not some of the other obnoxious shows :)

we have been watching it for 4 years and i have never tired of it or gotten sick of any of the episodes!

when savannah was younger, we always said everything she knows, she learned from little bear. even though it is not considered an "education show", she has learned so much from it over the years and her vocabulary is straight out of the shows!!

we *heart* little bear, too!!

angie said...

that is too funny...i will have to try that line!!

Lindsay said...

ahhh. I love little bear too. It's one of the few cartoon I can actually sit and watch with my kids. So sweet!

dad-gramps said...

I guess I need to bone up on "Little Bear". . .

Ted and Lori said...

Thanks for this post. Abe sat through two of them in a row.