Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Love The Library

Does anyone else have 102 books out from the library?
My cookbooks from the library.
My sewing and knitting books.
Rhett's pile of books by the "reading chair."
Books on tape and CD in Rhett's room.
Dan thinks I'm a little crazy. I think you would be crazy not to.

No, I have never lost a library book


Melissa and the boys said...

I'm glad I'm not th eonly one that feels like she goes overboard at the library! But you do have me beat. I try to never go past 20...

lori lls said...

Wow! I will never, ever again feel shy when I already have a few books at home and go to check out a few more (for a total of, say, 10). I always think they're gonna say I'm at the limit. Guess not.

dad-gramps said...

Well based on the fact that I read maybe 400 pages a month on a good month and I find it hard to listen to books on tape instead of listening to music, I still buy all the books I read. I suppose I would save money if I did use the library, but it would take me nine years to check out 102 books. What a wealth of information for you and Rhett and more power (knowledge) to you and your family. Love to all!