Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Free Banner Chance

A great blog, Northwest Mom Finds, wrote up a review on...ME. Here is the review. The creators of this blog are also adoptive Moms. I loved the review and I am offering a chance to win another free banner on Northwest Mom Finds. So, good luck. There are already 57 wonderful comments. Wow, I feel loved.
I presented Elliot with his birthday present last weekend. I love that kid. He literally walked up to the camera and gave me this model funny! His jacket looked really cute on too!
We can't get enough of baby "M's" picture. We love her more and more each day and the wait is getting harder and harder each day. I'm so thankful for the holidays and all the orders I have been getting on ETSY, because they are both keeping me so busy.


angie said...

very cool!! i already went and entered for a chance to win!! you know how bad i want one of these for the girls' room :)

Christi said...

ahhh, he is a DOLL!

Yes, I agree, this is probably the best time of year to have to wait. And just think what next year's holidays will be like!!

dad-gramps said...

I won't go on and on. . . Like proud Dad on and on, but the review is great and the comments should be very affirming you are one very creative and inventive artist. Of course I knew this already and more. . . Not to mention the additional exposure for your business.

Your children clothes should be your next big thing seeings that you have all those beautiful live models. Elliot is so cute and I loved Rhett modeling his pants at lunch when I was there, they are both naturals. Can't wait to hear who the next lucky winner is. . . Happy Thanksgiving. . . with extra thanks and graditude this year. . . Love to all (Sorry I still went on and on. . .)

sarah said...

your dad's comments are always so sweet! :)

i keep thinking about little M's pictures, too. she's so beautiful and i hope that these next couple of months will fly by for you.