Monday, November 3, 2008

Jammin' With The "Quartet"

We had fun last night celebrating Miles' first birthday! What a treat it is when Xander takes out his mandolin. Rhett took the jam session very seriously. He loves Elliot's banjo and always wants to play it when we go there. When he saw the instruments coming out he had to be part of the band. Rhett kept calling it a quartet with Elliot on guitar as the fourth member. He was watching Xander and Bryon and moving his hands around the banjo like they were. He played with them the whole time and really felt like part of the band. Thanks X and B for including Rhett!

Happy Birthday Miles!


Jenny Petersen said...

Hi, it was so nice to meet you at dinner recently. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Our oldest daughter did well on Halloween but we almost went home because our son also had a no nap day and was a mess. :-)

dad-gramps said...

Wow awesome I wish I was there to Jam!! See you soon