Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Favorite Music

At long last, here is our 2008 favorite music post. We have limited ourselves to albums released in 2008. Autumn and I actually agreed on the top 5 albums, but not on the order (except #1). So, we have named our favorite album, followed by the next 4 in no particular order. Here we go...

#1 - The Dodos, Visiter

This San-Fransisco based band put out the most fun and creative album we heard this year. Similar to Animal Collective (but less abstract), I guess their music could be called psychedelic folk. These guys are very talented musicians.

And the rest...

Bonnie Prince Billy, Lie Down in the Light

Just watch this video. Awesome.

Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes

As Autumn said, "it's just really good."

Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue

While this album is very good, it became a favorite after seeing it performed live.

Conor Oberst, Conor Oberst

While the straightforward country-rock flair of this album turned many people off, it's the reason I love it. Rhett's favorite lyrics to sing along to this year: "Help me get my boots on, help me get my boots on, help me get my boots back on!"

Honorable mention: Department of Eagles, Wolf Parade, TV on the Radio, Blitzen Trapper, Horse Feathers


Elaine said...

I must be old! I've never heard of any of those groups! :)

Keith, Jenny, and Oliver said...

Great list. I didn't listen to as many albums as I'd like this year, but I wore out the Fleet Foxes CD, I listened to it so many times. I need to check out more of that Bonnie Prince Billy after hearing about him from so many sources -- I admire anyone who can dance so shamelessly in crocs! -Keith

dad-gramps said...

Thanks for the exposure to this new and great music to your "old" Dad. . . I know I sure do enjoy alot of your favorites. It makes me feel in touch with the fresh evolution of the most creative music of this era. . . Love to you all.

riggity said...

okay, I finally got to watching these videos. I'm interested in these dodos guys. But the videos are of live performances that seem to be sort of stripped down. do these accurately reflect the album's sound, or is the album different? does it have more instruments? more production?

lori lls said...

We're in mad love with Bonnie Prince Billy!

If you like his song, "I Called You Back," you might dig this video:

Anonymous said...

Sad that I am just now able to listen to these clips but I love it! We love folk music. Oh the fun that could be had if we could drink red wine together while listening to folk music and knitting :)