Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Roller Skate

We went roller skating last week with some preschool friends. It was so much fun! Rhett loved it at first, on the carpet. Then I said, "Get ready, the rink is much more rolly." He freaked out and said, "I'm worried!" As soon as I went out and showed him how rolly it was, he went out and had a blast, mostly. He had one really hard fall and I thought it was all over, but no, he got back up and we had a great time.

So, it turns out he doesn't like skating. Only because he didn't want it to end.
I'm aware that "rolly" isn't a word, but with a 3 year old, that is just how you talk sometimes.

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dad-gramps said...

I thought "rolly" was a word. Anyway Rhett looked like he was having fun. There was no pictures of Mommy doing her "rolly" thing. Roller skating is fun for all ages except my age. . . I could break a hip or something. Wish I was there to see the fun. . . thanks for the post. Love to all.