Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy 6 Months Baby Girl

M. turned 6 months yesterday. I wonder if she can sit up yet. I wonder if she is starting to crawl.
Here is another corner of M.'s room. Although, I haven't decided if we will keep my old doll house in her room. I may want to fix it up and give it to her as a gift down the road. What do you think? There may not be room for it anyway once we set up her crib.
Only 8 1/2 days until we find out if we can share her picture and name with you all. I love that we can now count down the days. Instead of months and weeks.
Oh, go here to see evidence of what a great big brother Rhett will be. As long as M. doesn't cry or take his toys that is. This has been declared by Rhett.



Oh my, Autumn, that is an awesome doll house. I would love to live in a house just like that. Super cute! I definitely think she will love playing house.

Eryn said...

Happy 6 months baby M! I know what you meant about feeling like it's a big milestone (it must be a girl/mommy thing). Hopefully you wont' have to wonder long what she's up to! 8 days, just right around the corner! Eryn

More Dorrs said...

Happy birthday sweet M! Come home soon, won't you?


Elaine said...

How exciting that your adoption is getting closer.

Boy, you sure keep busy. I love the dolls you make. If I ever have a girl.... :)

dad-gramps said...

I vote that you present the dollhouse as a present. It Could give me some time to do a few home repairs I know it needs. I would love to contribute to making another "little girl" happy. Lots a love in that Dollhouse already. The pictures of Rhett with Abe are adorable and he will make a great big brother. . . glad to her he has already set his guide lines down for his little sister who has just turned six months and will be into everything by the time she gets home. Take care. Love Dad

April said...

that is so sweet. When I was in Colorado- I found my wooden doll bunk beds (that were actually my moms before they were mine) at my moms house. They need a little sprucing up, but I think with a bit of paint... yet another unfinished project :-). I love the doll house!

Melissa and the boys said...

That dollhouse is adorable! I vote saving it as a gift! Happy 6 month Birthday M!