Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Treasure Found

I absolutely forgot I had this! While getting some art supplies out for Rhett and I today, I found this sheet of paper that says MEZMUR in Amharic. As we packed up our things to leave Ethiopia I asked one of the ladies at the guest house to write Mezmur's name for me in Amharic. I love that it sort of looks like it spells "home." I plan on framing it for Mezmur...another treasure from Ethiopia.


Julie said...

What an awesome treasure! What a fantastic idea!
I love it!

Rachel Clear said...

I love this, Autumn. So precious. Mezmur will love it one day.

I am so sorry we flaked on Sunday, and so bummed. I was sick, had a work deadline, and didn't get our softball line-up til Saturday and totally spaced calling. (Lots of things piled up and I pretty much dropped the ball on life).

We really want to get together and Cam is all IN.

Love these last 2 posts!

Eryn said...

so fun!

dad-gramps said...

Absolutely an amazing keepsake for Mezmur. . . MISS YOU ALL!!

April said...

Such a good idea!!