Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Brother Fun

Lucky for Rhett we had an extra ticket for the Andrew Bird and The Decemberists concert. As you know he is a huge Jenny Connolly and The Decemberists fan. He always plays his keyboard and accordion to sound like Jenny Connolly. He is also a big Andrew Bird am I...Andrew Bird is in my top 3 favorites.
Here is Rhett at the stage listening to Andrew Bird. He put on a very upbeat happy show.
Rhett enjoyed his ice cream right before The Decemberists came out and it sure gave him the energy he needed to stay up late dancing.
Rhett and Dan danced the whole concert. This is Rhett running circles around Dan. Rhett said, "That was the best concert ever."
So, Rhett has been amazing at balancing on his bike with no peddles for over a year. He could coast all the way down the long as there was a slight hill. Thanks to our neighbors we got the second hand-me-down bike with peddles. Rhett has been nervous to get on it. I knew if he would just try it he would be able to do it. Well, Dan took him to the track on Saturday and by Sunday he was ready to ride with the Sunday Parkway, which was just a few houses away.
Rhett rode 3-4 miles on Sunday! He fell, but got right back on his bike. He rode up hill and down hill with confidence. I'm a very proud Mama.
It was a fun to give Rhett a little special attention last weekend. I think he had a great weekend too.


Rachel Clear said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the concert... it was cool seeing you there!

And yay for Rhett and his bike!

dad-gramps said...

Hurray for Rhett. . . for his new found freedom and independence. So great for him to be able to go show off his new bike peddaling abilities in the neighborhood bike ride. The concert also sounded great for all. I'm jealous because I would of liked to see Andrew Bird in concert, I'm also a fan because of you. Did you get a chance to say Hi to Jenny. . . ? Did Conner Oberst blow his conch shell?? I know that might not be on a Decemerist tune, but that would of been exciting for Rhett to see. . . I'm sure "Mr. Music" HAD A BALL AT THE CONCERT! you guys are always full of fun and frolic activities. Love to ALL.

Julie said...

The pictures are awesome and tell the story so well.
Looks like fun!
Hurray for Rhett...good job on that bike!!

April said...

Wow Rhett! 3 miles!!! That's great.

MonkeyGirl said...

Hey Autumn,
This is Meghan, Anne's and Ryan's friend who joined you for the concert. It was great to see you again. You have me wondering who else, musically, is in your top 3? Top 5? Top 10? I know you are a fan of Wilco, the Decemberists, and Andrew Brid, but who else? I think we have similar taste and was curious if you have some good suggestions for me to check out!
Thanks :)