Thursday, July 2, 2009

Neighbor Fun and Mezmur is Eleven Months

We had a fun summer afternoon with our neighbors yesterday. A little pool play, popsicles, croquet, and iced coffee...Mez really wanted to swim with the big kids.

Thanks, Kathy for the pictures.

Mezmur is eleven months old! I can't believe she is going to be one so soon. I had to post this picture even though it is just reminds me of Mezmur's friend.
She is crawling, pulling herself up, and she thinks she can walk.
She is a happy, easygoing baby who definitely will let you know if she wants something. She will give you a look that says, "You better not take this stick away from me or tell me no...I might scream." We think sleep is getting better...(knock, knock)
She has slept through the night twice in one week. We are hoping she can keep that up...obviously.
Cloth diapers are awesome! I've had great success so far. I think I can start considering washing...I'm not so scared anymore.


Julie said...

Awesome pictures! I can not believe how much Mezmur has changed. You are so right about the little ones since they have been home. Amazing. She is so darn precious. And so is the main man Rhett! Love summer, kids, and popcicles!

Missy said...

She's adorable!! Simply beautiful!!

courtney rose said...

ARGH!! I love your family so much!

Eryn said...

so cute! I love cloth diapers too...what kind are you using?

Alida and Geno said...

Wonderful pictures Autumn. Mezmur is sooooo darling!!!!!!!!!!

dad-gramps said...

Loved the "Pool Popcicle Gang". . . Rhett looked like he was in his glory. Mezmur's pictures are all great. She IS a doll with a personality to match. Missing you all. . . Love ME

April said...

I love this post! I love that checkered dress that Mez is wearing. She is just so darn cute. The whole family is so darn cute!