Monday, October 12, 2009

Why is Preschool the Best?

Exhibit A: Pretzel letters at snack time.
Add Image Exhibit B: If you come to our house and see this on our fridge...something that looks like a piece of bread that Rhett licked, so he could watch the germs is...and he won't let me throw it away. Rhett is very attached to those germs.
Why can't preschool last forever?
(This is me...already worrying about Kindergarten.)


sarah said...

Wait - did I read that right - it's on the outside of your fridge? Classic.

Maybe it can double as a Halloween decoration?

Christine said...

Oh, yeah. This is me right along with you worrying about Kindergarten. That bread is....interesting ;)


Julie said...

May I suggest grilled cheese sandwich for that bread. Not only yummy, but the heat from cooking will aid in killing the growing collection of Rhett germs!

Too funny. Cutie Rhett.

Rachel Clear said...

I am gagging, but this is precious. :)

dad-gramps said...

All scientist need to be challenged and Rhett is ready for kindergarten. By then his germs will be able to jump off the fridgerator and carry him to school. . . Darn kids they just grow up on you when your not looking. Enjoy each moment. . . I know your guys are. Love ME