Sunday, October 25, 2009

You Who

Here they are. The gang. On their way to the inaugural children's variety show called You Who at Kennedy School with The Decemberists as the headliner. That's right...The Decemberists.
This month...a costume bash. A costume bash would've been a great idea if it wasn't for the garden gnome family and their tall gnome hats obstructing our view (Sarah agrees).
The gang? The Rices, the Lapours, Aunt Anne, and Uncle Ryan.

Rhett was excited, but this was his third Decemberists concert, so he hung out at the coloring station during the show. Mezmur? She fell asleep by the end of the first song.
The show consisted of giant owls, Vagabond Opera as the host, a shadow puppet show, a children's comedy show, a performance by Cardboard Songsters, a psychedelic animation with flying pizza and cell phones, hundreds of screaming kids, a giant cardboard igloo, and The Decemberists....need I say more?
A good time.


Cloverland Farm said...

sounds very fun!

sarah said...

woah - i'm impressed that you remembered the names of all the acts. you're smart!

thanks for inviting us along!

dad-gramps said...

Such excitment and so close. . . looked like Mezmur was ready for some rest on the way there. Still looked like fun for all. Love ME

Rachel Clear said...

Sounds heavenly... :)

April said...

Sounds so fun!