Friday, November 13, 2009

A Few Christmas Gifts For Those Who Can't Read Yet

Here are a few Christmas gifts that I'm very excited about and I really hope the kids will be excited too. They will, right?
This is such a cute book. I LOVE the illustrations.
I love this tree. You build each of the pieces. I just think it is beautiful and I hope Rhett is as excited about this as I am.
Here is a doll stroller for Mezmur. I think she will love it. She loves her little dolls and animals and she loves to push strollers around her friend's houses, so I thought she would like her own. I plan on a new special little doll for her stroller.

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Rachel Clear said...


But I have to say, if you MADE that stroller (and I wouldn't put it past you) then you are officially out of your mind with craftiness!

What great gifts, and I know I say this over and over, but how in the world do you do it all? I mean, it's early NOVEMBER and you're already prepared! I will be buying people gifts at the very last minute, wrapping them on the drive to Montana, and kicking myself for it. That will be my Holiday. I need a coach. You could be a "getting things done in life coach"... something to consider. :)