Friday, January 29, 2010

January was a Success

Just when I was thinking..."I haven't done enough sewing lately"...

Finished projects for the month of January:
7 dolls-3 for donations, one was a gift, and 3 were sales.
2 cats-one for Rhett's birthday and one for a special lady in our lives. Don't forget about the cat's dresses and pants!
7 banners long and short-one reads "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE."
One School House Tunic for my class sample at Bolt.
A new creature was created by Rhett with a little help from Mama...named "Red."

Other things I'm excited about...
Modern Domestic! My brain is a flurry with class ideas!
...and did you see this? That was nice.


Joy and Geoff said...

Wow, not bad at all! I'm at about, ah, 3 finished projects for January...that is, if I sit down to finish up the face on a knitted dog who is waiting...thanks for the motivation!

Mark and Heidi said...

Thanks for our dolls, Autumn! We LOVE them and I am sure the boys will too!!

Mars said...

That's awesome, you're a busy gal.
Just had to say I LOVE Mezmur's beautiful little feet next to Rhett on the couch there. :)

April said...

I know I said this before- but WOW! You are awesome! I need to find out what coffee you drink- and then get a direct line for myself. You have so much productive energy!! I'm embarrassed to say that I recently found the quilt that I started making for my Friend Deborah's baby (He is now in HIGH SCHOOL! You inspire me!

Duncan said...

I love Rhett and your creation. . .Quite the productive month for you. The Modern Domestic concept sounds like a great concept for all you "crafty people". . . I'm sure you will take advantage of all they have to offer and more. Love ME