Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Year Ago Part 2

Well, a year ago today we boarded a plane for a trip that none of us will forget. The drama started for the Lapours on the plane. Here is the last photo we took as a family of three at PDX.
Here is the last shot of Rhett before we boarded Ethiopian Air...after we repacked our carry on bags to weigh 20 pounds each instead of 50. I don't know how we did that. This photo was the last smiling face we would see from Rhett until he got his orange soda at the airport in Ethiopia.
Rhett cried himself to sleep as we were descending into Rome...the plane landed, but we didn't get off. He cried for a good hour and a half on that flight. Boy, I wonder what the Ethiopians on that flight thought. (He was over tired due to his mom's great idea to keep him awake alllll day, so he would sleep great on the long flight...great idea mom.) Thankfully, Rhett stayed asleep and woke up when we were almost landing in Ethiopia.
Also, we should thank Rhett...due to his outbursts in the customs line, we were escorted to the diplomat's line and we had plenty of time to enjoy our orange soda.


Duncan said...

Lucky you didn't have me along because most likely I would of been crying also on such a long flight. . . I love the customs story, I didn't remember it was the Diplomat's line. I thought you were just moved up in line. All and all quite the adventure for Rhett. . . I'm loving this series so far. Love ME

Julie said...

That picture of Rhett is at the DC airport! I remember that...oh I remember and I'm loving it. Hard to believe it's been a year. Last year at this time we were holding our babies! My gosh. I am so enjoying these pictures!

Rachel Clear said...

I love this!

I think you should do more writing like this in your posts. So cool to hear the story from start to finish. :)

Amy B. said...

I remember this day! It was the day I got to meet you in person :) Hard to believe it has been a whole year. Your family is just beautiful and I'm glad to call you friends.