Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Year Ago Part 5

The next morning was life as usual with two kids. This was the scene I waited for over 2 1/2 years for. The joy of siblings, our growing family...the chaos.

In this photo Mezmur was almost 14, she is almost 24 pounds.
Mezmur in this photo couldn't sit up and she didn't have any strength in her, she runs circles around me all day...literally, she doesn't stop moving.
Mezmur is getting so tall. She is over 100% percentile in height and she is still such a little petite girl.

It is amazing what a family and love can do for you.

It's amazing what this little girl can do for those in her life.

There will be only one more part to this story. Jill hit the nail on the head. By letting a year pass, it has made it easier to wrap my mind around Ethiopia and all the emotions involved with our trip.


Duncan said...

Mezmur warms up to you fast and grabs onto your heart just as fast. . . The first day photos you didn't quite see the shine behind those beautiful eyes. In this series of photos you see her joy. . . You also see Rhett's affection for her in the photo on the bed. Wow. . . No word for all the emotions here. Thank you.

Julie said...

She is so beautiful. I just LOVE being able to share this with you! Again! And amazingly enough, it is still a very moving experience! Only without the good coffee..Or diesel fumes!