Monday, April 19, 2010

New Kitty = Happy Kid

The first Kitty listing is up in the shop! There are more to come...

See how happy this kitty makes Rhett?
Now, you too can have a really happy kid with something new to hug.


Rachel Clear said...

These are adorable!

While looking at this post, I had a thought - two thoughts actually. Why don't I run them both by you and you can pick the one you like best.

Thought #1: I can give you both of my cats to use as models. You can keep them forever. They love children.

Thought #2: If we do thought #1, I would buy one of these kitties to give to Cameron so he (hopefully) would not notice that I'd given his two cats away.


I'd take one of your cats over mine any day! No mess, no hair, totally cuddlable, and I wouldn't mind them being in the baby's bed one bit. :)

Duncan said...

Cute. . . I love the clothes. Reminds me of the promo in the movies. . . "Put Shorts on the Hedge Hog!" You left the fly up and everything.