Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alberta Art Hop: A Follow Up

Here is the long overdue post about the Art Hop! When people ask, "How was the Art Hop?" I say, "I had so much fun." It was fun. I loved hanging out with my dolls, the lovely ladies who shared the space and the space next to us, I found new art and new artists, and the people watching was in it's prime.
I sold two dolls to the parents of two lovely and adorable little girls. You know who you are...and thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me!
One mom almost bought a birthday banner, but her 4-year-old thought it was just too "weird" for him. Now I know what 4-year-olds really think of the banners...thanks, kid.
One of the all-time highlights of the show? Watching the kids walk up to the dolls and just stare at them with the sweetest of smiles. I wished I could give every child a doll to take home who did that.
Here is my friend's jewelry who I shared a space with. Her jewelry sold like hotcakes! Beautiful things!
It was so much fun to see all of you who stopped by for a visit. It made my day for you all to go out of your way to come say hi.
Oh, the people of the Alberta Art I love you. You gave me hours of entertainment.
There was this guy...
...and this guy.
While I was packing up at the end of the show Rhett wanted to whisper something in my ear. He asked, "Am I too young to sell things at the Art Hop?" I said, "No, way!" So, he has started a collection of art. I believe this one goes for .33 cents.
My new favorite artist who I met at the Art Hop...Renee Hartig. She is young, sweet, and peppy. Her landscape art is amazing. I bought a small original painting on paper...I love it. I look forward to buying one of her larger masterpieces on canvas. If you go to any of the shows around town...look for her. Amazing work.


Julie said...

That looks like so much fun.

Tell Rhett that I love his work. Beautiful

Duncan said...

Wow. . . Looked like quite a turnout, the streets looked full of people. I loved the "drum stick guy". . . Your display made me smile. . . Glad you had fun. I better bring some money for some original Rhett ART. Love ME

Duncan said...

I think that beautiful sunshine is worth a small fortune. A musician, an artist, Rhett sure has it all. What a great kid. Sure do miss you guys. OX Grammy

Rachel Clear said...

Hey! I recognize that little B doll! Whatever would you have done if it had sold?! :)

Your dolls are seriously one of my favorite things. Now that Z has one, and me, and Mel bought a couple... pretty soon everyone I know will have one, and then what a world it will be!

Rachel Clear said...

ooh, and also, Rhett's artwork is way cool too. :)