Monday, May 17, 2010

House of Hope Reunion

We got to spend some time with our friend Adi and new friend Jay last weekend. Mezmur was with these boys at the same time in the orphanage. We are so lucky to live so close to Adi and his family and it was so much fun to visit with Jay and his family while they visited Portland. Some fun times included...water play,
starting a band,
naked drummer boy,
a group hug good-bye,
and not to be drinks and great conversation.
Doesn't it look like they could be triplets?


Rachel Clear said...

What a hoot that must have been! Adorable.

It's sure clear which one Rhett is, isn't it? :) They're all just precious!

I feel like I got to know Mezmur so much more yesterday when she was helping me with presents... I just wanted to grab onto her little cheeks and kiss them endlessly, but kids seem to not like that very much when you're practically a stranger!

Missy said...

So cute!!! They must be all about the same age?

Julie said...

That's so cool.

Duncan said...

I see this post and it almost seems magical that these children get to see and play with each other. What a gift for everyone. . . No doubt they will be "Buddies" forever. Rhett looked like he had his hands full with that crowd. I could almost her the giggles. Loved this post!!! Love to all!!!!

April said...

Very Awsesome!

Stacie said...

Oh fun!! And I know Jay and his hilarious mama!! Cuties - all of them!!

lisa bargielski loos said...

Love this, Autumn!!