Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost is Over and All I Have to Show For it is This Hat

Last night was the end of an era...the Lost finale (I was going to add a link, but if you don't know what Lost is than you have been under a rock.). This isn't a Lost post, but it was a nice, feel good ending, but questions remain.
Did you watch all 4 and a half hours of the Lost finale, you ask? Yes, I did, but I was busy during the commercials to help keep me awake past my bedtime. I was busy sewing Mezmur a summer hat.
It wasn't really the hat pattern I was after, but it was cute. I used this free tutorial.
I used some cute Japanese fabric I had lying around. Yes, I have an obscene amount of fabric just lying around.
I think she likes her new hat.
I'm going to miss you my friends...good-bye Sawyer, Kate, Jack, John, Ben, Hurley, Jin, Sayid...I will see you all when I have Lost withdrawals and need to start the series all over again.


Cloverland Farm said...

ADORE that fabric and okay, i'll admit. I watched via some secret internet site my husband knows about. I fell asleep, but when I watched the final 20 mins this morning I DID cry but only b/c the dog came out of nowhere and lay down next to the Dr. I cannot keep it together if there is a dog involved.

Joy and Geoff said...

Oh my. Was just going to post about the Vincet & Jack scene. Beautiful, but oh, so painfully heartbreaking at the same time. Nice job getting a hat sewn in the process!


I watched the whole thing and will miss LOST as well. Been a part of our lives for 6 years. Crazy! Love the hat. All I had to show for my hours of t.v. was an empty popcorn bowl and a full tummy.

Rachel Clear said...

I never watched Lost and won't miss it, but this hat is ADORABLE!

Alana R. said...

Hi Autumn,
I was in your class on Saturday! And obviously I found your blog-- very cute! Cute kids, cute dolls. My blog is Pugs and Lilacs:

Ted and Lori said...

Hey, the hat is adorable. Wanted to make sure you saw this:
My sentiments exactly and why I only cried once in the finale (when Ben got to finally be special)

Renee said...

love the hat!!

Duncan said...

Yes, you can tell Mezmur was a fan of the hat. . . I bet you won't be able to get her out of it.

I'm not a Lost fan yet but I guess this could be the time to start. We did six years of 24 in one summer so we should be able to handle six years of Lost. I'm not reading any of the comments and I don't want to hear any more about it. A four hour final episode!!

Anonymous said...

what a CUTE hat. I'm recently loving little Asian characters such as those on Mez's hat!