Friday, May 14, 2010

Ready For the Hop

Here are some of the photos I wanted to post earlier! Stop by tomorrow and say hi!
Dolls ready to go.
I didn't order my cards in time, so I made some. Well, Dan needs to finish stamping them...obviously I can't stamp.
Birthday banners are ready.
Price tags.


Duncan said...

Hope it's a success. . . Have fun. Love Dad

melissa f. said...

looks great, autumn! hope it goes really well (or at least that you have fun).

Elizabeth said...

How did it go? We had other plans, so couldn't make it this year. You had a beautiful day for it. Hope it went well for you!

lisa bargielski loos said...

Hey, Autumn--
It was a blast meeting you in person and going from "Blogstalker" to "New Friend." My blog address is Hope to see you again someday soon!

Rachel Clear said...

I cannot express to you how thrilled and honored I am that I now own one of these dolls! (Or, rather, Baby B owns one of them)

They are so beautiful!

As soon as humanly possible we will be taking a picture with Zoralee and B and their Z and B dolls!

Mis & Steve said...

Autumn! My little Maggie needs a doll and so does my niece that is due in October! I would love to order a couple. Let me know what I need to do:)