Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Ready For Mezmur's Birthday

I know...this is our weed trashed yard...what does this have to do with Mezmur, you ask? Well, we are fixing this half of our house, that has been neglected since we moved in, so we can have a lovely little party for our birthday girl in her own backyard. Remember this photo. This is the before photo. Wait until you see the after photo!
I finally ordered Mezmur's book for her birthday. I started working on a book for her at Snapfish when we first started the adoption process. I wrote letters to her, explained the process, included photos, reference letters, photos of when we first met her, photos of our homecoming, and some other photos and stories of our first few months home.
I also included photos of the many projects I worked on for Mezmur as we waited for her to come home.
I made a little something special for Mezmur. I'll share more about this project on another post...with more photos, so you actually know what it is.
I found this little ironing board at a resale shop for $10...score! I found the iron at one of my favorite toy stores in town...made locally.
Here is a little sneak peak at Mezmur's special birthday banner made by Mama. It says "happy birthday mezmur." We will hang it up on Mezmur's birthday month every year.
Mezmur also gets a couple of new books...Oh What a Busy Day by my favorite and I Love My Hair. I think she will be a happy birthday girl.


Julie said...

Oh how exciting. I can not believe her birthday is next week already and she will be TWO!! In my mind she is that little quiet baby sitting on my lap in Ethiopia. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Anonymous said...

This is ALL so beautiful!

April said...

I love it all! I can't wait for the "after" experience and I'm so happy we'll be there!

Duncan said...

That part of the yard has great potential, hard work but you will appreciated it when it is all done. The ironing board and iron look great. Tell Mezmur I may have some ironing for her when I get there. I'm sure Mezmur's Book will be FULL OF TREASURES. . . A great idea for her and the family. Have I said I can't wait!! Love Me

Eryn said...

I can't believe she is two! It seems like only a few months ago I sat across the table from you just after your referral!

Your birthday goodies look wonderful...what is your favorite local shop where you got the iron? Love it!

Also love the books...I keep hoping some by that artist at the Goodwill one of these days!