Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School Days Jacket

Mezmur officially has a School Days jacket for when she is in school. This is a large size, because it will be hanging out at Bolt for the next few months. I'm a little bummed I chose to sew something that is out of print...bummer.
For a closer look at this jacket go to Bolt or wait for Mezmur to grow into it and you will see her all around town in her stylish purple corduroy jacket. Bolt does have a few more of these patterns was a great pattern. I think I might make a wool one for Rhett...I have plaid wool in mind. I love Oliver and S patterns!


Duncan said...

Cute. . . I what to see it with the model! Take care. Love me

dan and rachel said...

i check in with your blog from time to time because we also adopted from Ethiopia and i love sewing. i just finished this jacket as well. i made a brown wool one for my son and a red corduroy for my daughter. i really enjoyed sewing this pattern. your daughter's jacket is lovely!

dan and rachel said...

ps i thought the sleeves were a bit too flared for my liking for my son (perhaps his arms are just really skinny!) :) but i wrote a bit in my last blog post on how to my them more tapered, if you are interested. i think plaid wool will be awesome!

Erin Sager said...

gorgeous, I want one...

Christy. said...


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