Monday, October 25, 2010

Freak of Nature

Our tree was struck down by lightning.

I believe that it was struck while we were away Saturday evening. After the kids were in bed I heard a loud crash against the house. All I could see was that the tree fell over. The next morning I saw the charred tree. What else could have cut the tree in two and left it burnt and charred? What are the chances? The house wasn't hurt...from what I can see. Rhett has been nervous of lightning ever since he learned about the tree. It's a good thing lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice.
*Regarding the spider in the car...I wasn't driving. I tried to jump out of the passenger seat, but it was locked! If I was driving I think I would have crashed the car for sure.*


April said...

WOW! That IS CRAZY!!!! That really really is nuts. I can't ever remember seeing lightning in Portland. I'm so happy nobody was hurt and no damage to the house (right?). I hope all is well.

Anne said...

Whoa!!!! That's craziness! poor tree:( And poor Rhett:)

Duncan said...

I'm with April. . . I swear in 13 years living in Portland I never remember seeing lighting let alone it striking in my own backyard. . . your backyard should be lighting proof now though. Amazing! You absolutely have to respect Mother Nature in every way. . . quite the month you have been having. Love Me