Monday, November 22, 2010

Mezmur Got to Try Out Her Christmas Present

Mezmur loves her brother's backpack, so I thought I would make her one for Christmas. It is hard to hide what I'm sewing, because my sewing desk is in the playroom/tv room/computer room. She called it, "Memur's packpack!" She knew it was hers. I let her test it out. I used the Made By Rae Toddler Backpack pattern. I used fabric that I had in my overflowing stash. I just loved the mushrooms and hedgehogs...I had to have that fabric and I'm so glad I was able to use it for something so cute. This pattern was great! It will be a great go-to for toddler gifts.

She didn't take it off for a long time, but once she went away into the Christmas present box in the garage.
Yes, she is watching tv in the sewing room/playroom/computer room. She is watching her beloved Jack...she is getting a Jack doll for Christmas too, but I haven't let her play with that.


Ted and Lori said...

There was a little girl on our flight from Jackson last week wearing a Jack tshirt and carrying a Jack doll. She was SO cute about it. She talked and talked to me about it. Maybe I should let Abe watch it.

Duncan said...

Jack who??

By Christmas she should be surprised or happy to see the gifts again. She is a cute little model. . .