Sunday, March 13, 2011

37 Weeks

37 weeks. I'm going to dedicate a whole post to all the comments I've been getting from strangers, but one that I get ALL the time is, "Oh, it looks like the baby has dropped." I just say, "Maybe, but I think it is more likely just gravity dropping my belly lower." Then, I proceed to lift my belly up and drop it down, so they can see for themselves how gravity works.
Patience is tough when you are pregnant and so close to the end. You are tired, tired of not being able to stand longer than 10 minutes, tired of not being able to run around the park with the kids, tired of being too tired to make dinner...also, the excitement of meeting your baby is reaching an absolute peak. Will it be a baby M (girl) or baby ? (we can't decide on a boy name!)? Will it be chubby like Rhett was? The thought of Rhett (and Mezmur, but she is young and probably won't care as much) meeting his new sibling for the first time gives me butterflies.
But...I DON'T want to wish this time away. THIS is one of the best times of my life. The last time I'll feel hiccups coming from my baby on the inside! The last time I'll ever see a knee sweep across my belly. I'll miss Rhett kissing my belly hello and good-bye, because it is at kissing level. I'll miss Mezmur ramming her head into my belly when she runs to give me a hug. I'll miss Dan and I sitting on the couch at night while we watch our shows (we just finished Big Love on DVD and now we are watching 24) and feeling the baby move around. Even the contractions I continue to have (about 5 an hour)...I'll miss. I also know I'll miss the time I have to finish up some projects around the house and the extra time to just plop on the couch with Rhett and read a quick chapter of our book (The Mouse and the Motorcycle).
For now, I'm so calm about everything. I won't say again, "I'm due April 1st, but I hope it comes sooner!" I'm enjoying this time so much...but I CAN'T wait to meet my new baby!
I am loving all the baby name guesses! Bring them on. What do you think M stands for? The boy name initials are A and T, but we aren't even sure about those names, but feel free to guess.


Christina, Tyler & Logan said...

your belly amazes me!

Stacie said...

I think your belly is defying gravity! You're just too cute! And I can't wait to hear if she is a girl or if he is a boy! So exciting. Also, I LOVE your attitude about these last few weeks. Very impressive, mama!


Hmmm.....boy name guesses:
A for Arlo
T not for Talia

Girl name guesses:
M for Mimi

Am I close?

April said...

You look so great!

Erica said...

You have the most amazing belly I've ever seen. I dreamed of a big round belly, instead I hardly showed and I carried my kids deep in my back. I'm a bit jealous of your perfect stretch markless skin. :)

As for names....I'll guess.

M for Meredith or Matilda.

A for Aspen or Arlis

T for Truman

Emma said...

I heard "ithink the baby dropped" every day for weeks before I deliverd. I know exactly hwo you are feeling. I just had my baby girl on wednesday and while the physical stuff was wearing me out, I am sad to think I may never have a tiny little body contained in mine again.

I'm Julie said...

I'm excited for the baby to come too. Although you gave some initials for potential names....I'm holding out for J for Julie.

Duncan said...

I know if I saw you on the street I would not say a word. If fact I'm speechless now. . . Really can't wait to see you SOON. . . SEEING YOU ALL SOON!! As far as the names I have no guesses. I am still holding out that your are having a healthy, happy baby "M" girl, sooner than later and a naturally, natural birth as we all are "pulling and pushing" with you for. . . Take care of yourself. Love Dad.

rachel said...

congrats on making it to 37 weeks! i had to be hospitalized overnight for contractions at 35 weeks with Jude but then ended up being induced for going over. wanting to avoid another medical induction, i had Indigo at almost 42 weeks, with acupuncture getting me into labor. i had lots of contractions with her too so when i was in labor i didn't actually believe it. my contractions were 3 minutes apart lasting for a full minute and i didn't want to go to the hospital. it just didn't hurt that much compared to my labor/induction with jude. my husband, doula, and midwife *made* me go in. it turned out i was at 6-7 cm, 90% effaced and had Indigo 45 minutes later. all those contractions will prepare you for a great birth, i think!

so glad you are enjoying every minute!

melissa said...

i felt exactly the same way with sam (the part where i wasn't all anxious to have him out). i figured he was safe in there and i could take him to work easily, so what was the hurry?

Brooke said...

I guess Marlo for a girl. Maybe because I like that name myself.

No guesses for the boy names. Maybe Agustus?