Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Last Supper

Dan and I went out to eat last night...and I brought my camera with the new lens! Never before have I been able to get good photos at a dark restaurant.
Delicious grilled romaine salad.
Handsome husband.
Oh, sparkling water...the "fancy" drink of choice this whole pregnancy. I will be welcoming red wine back into my diet very soon. Don't worry, only a little...I'll be nursing this baby around the clock, I'm sure.
I'll refrain from calling myself Jaba the Hut here...
...but after all the food I felt like Jaba.
Thanks to some great family friends for making this meal possible! It was like my birthday all over again. We love you!

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Duncan said...

looked like a great meal. I think I recognize that restaurant. . . I will asked when I'm in town the next time. . . Love to see complete photos of you. You both looked great. SEE YOU SOON !!!-!
Love Dad