Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pillowcases and Rhett's Doppelganger

I've collected some flannel along the way to make pillowcases for us. I intended on Christmas pj's and Christmas pillowcases, but the pillowcases didn't happen. So, I finally finished them. I love this fabric. I love the colors and I will love seeing it on our bed and sleeping on it at night. There is something about seeing pretty things daily that I can't get enough of.
Here is Rhett with his doppelganger friend...which one is Rhett?
The last order of business before the baby is born is finishing the quilt top. I think it will be a race...who will win? Baby or Mama? I'm sort of hoping the baby beats me...


Christine said...

Rhett is on the left and you will win.


melissa said...

geez louise, you are getting so much done. i need to come up with a do or die deadline to light a fire under my rear. (p has already put the kibosh on a baby).