Thursday, March 3, 2011

This And That

This is my boy. My moody boy. See that tear? He goes from crying fits to peaceful love from minute to minute. We recently instated a reward system in the house. We will see how it works. The reward system consists of a set schedule, marbles in a jar, a timer, and Chuck E. Cheese. I'm afraid it is already starting to loose it's appeal, but we will see. Oh, he is having a huge fit right now...ugh.
What did you do yesterday on Dr. Seuss' birthday?
I've done all the tiny cutting and sewing of the color pieces and I'm starting to put together the squares of the quilt I'm making for Dan and I. Dan didn't want it to look like a "granny quilt" and he isn't a huge fan of a ton of florals, so we decided to just use solids. The background is a natural linen. I have mixed feelings about the solids for this quilt. I hope I like it when it is done!
I finished tiny baby Lapour's quilt last night. I love the finished product. That is the thing I'm learning about quilting...the piecing doesn't always look the way I hoped, but once the quilting is done and the binding is on it takes on a whole new look. I hope this is how I feel once the above quilt is done.
The back is pretty great too.
Just a little cuteness.
What I learned this week. Kidney stones hurt like hell, but labor pains are worse. Although, I learned that I would rather be in labor than pass a kidney stone, because at least there would be breaks between contractions. I learned I could pass a kidney stone without pain medicine. I learned the way to make Dan feel better about his kidney stone experience is to tell him, "Mine was probably smaller than yours." I learned that I have more in my other kidney, so kidney stones are now a new fear of mine. I learned that passing a kidney stone and being pregnant is not fun, because the contractions are 5 times worse than the ones I've been having and combined with the pain of the kidney stone...OMG.


Christi said...

Unbelievable that you had to go through that. I am SO SORRY. No more kidney stones is my prayer for you!!

Christine said...

Oh, Autumn, I am so sorry about the stone. And there must be so little you can do about it with Little Lapour there with you.

I love the baby quilt and the start of the new one. It's true, the quilting and binding do really pull things together. Beautiful!

Duncan said...

Passing kidney stones with contractions with no pain medication and a cold on top of it, not to repeat myself but that is amazing!! Smaller than Dan's or bigger I don't care I was feeling for you big time. . . Child birth will be a walk in the park for you after all that. I know the kids have their moments but you're right when they beam they beam bright. Chuckie Cheese!? I didn't know he was still kicking, perhaps another reward package might help. I love their shining smiles and can't wait to be there with them and you all soon. Love dad-gramps

April said...

That's a lot of cuteness!

You are going to be great in labor- and can totally handle those contractions!!

I'm so sorry about the kidney stones- that's such a bummer. Hang in there kid- not too much longer.

Baby Lapour is is going to love that quilt!