Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Took Me About 3 Years To Finish

Soon after we moved in I took down all the closet doors, because they were those awful doors that never got shut. The plan was to make curtains for all the closets. I finished one of those curtains and all the rest either have no curtain or in Rhett's case...was never finished. I looked at this every time I went into his room. I bought the blue curtain, but it wasn't long enough, so I planned on adding a panel. I got the perfect fabric and just pinned it on until I had time to finish it...well, it took about 3 years. pinned together.
Now, it is finished!!! It took me less than an hour.
One more project down!
The next project is as equally exciting as this one! A project that is simple and has been mocking me too! This project will take me a little longer, but will be equally satisfying.

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Christine said...

Are you trying to get things out of the way before little one arrives? I love the bottom material of the curtain. Beautiful.